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Equity For Women in Stem: Peaceful Protest Recap

Last Friday, Purdue STEM women empowerment groups hosted a peaceful march in response to Mitch Daniels annual "Open Letter". This peaceful march was a huge success with support from many of Purdue's women empowerment groups such as Society of Women Engineers, Phi Sigma Rho, Women in Engineering, and many more.

In Mitch Daniels' Letter, he writes a section labeled, "Where Are All The Men?". The section was found extremely inappropriate and ignorant due to the shocking lack of recognition or mention of the progress of women and minority groups in the male dominated fields such as STEM.

An extremely professional and thorough response was written in response to this letter by 40+ female professors and students of engineering. Please read the full, powerful response in its entirety HERE!

Purdue ASME wanted to show our support and participate in the protest response to the letter by standing and marching as alongside many other allies at the protest.

"ASME is founded upon values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and we believe in the benefits of women pursuing higher education. ASME will continue to support women and other minority groups and will be expanding the leadership structure to include an executive position spearheading DEI efforts and initiatives. " - Marcus Lannie: Chairman of the Board

In response to the letter, ASME now has a DEI executive position that will be solely focused on including more women and minority groups into the ASME organization. We will never stop striving to keep our club and our members inclusive, aware, and accepting.

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