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Meet the Executive Board

Purdue ASME has over 70 executive members and consists of the internal, external, marketing, and DEI board.

Interested in joining our team? Apply today to be an elected official or have an appointed position!

I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I am involved in the SmartHab research project through the Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat (RETH) Institute. I plan to attend graduate school for either an MSME or MBA. My favorite part about ASME is being able to provide opportunities for professional and technical growth for all our members.

I'm a Junior in Electrical Engineering from Dublin, CA. Outside of ASME, I am also involved in the Purdue Solar Racing Team. I am passionate about using engineering to help people, specifically with sustainable technology. My favorite part of ASME is the wonderful community we have and I look forward to expanding on that community through the facilitation of our design teams.

I am a Senior in Mechanical Engineering from Northern New Jersey. I am also pursuing minors in Business Economics and Manufacturing. I plan to go into industry after graduation and go back to school for an MBA in the future. My favorite part about ASME is being able to connect our members with amazing companies and provide opportunities for professional growth.

I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in electrical engineering. I have previously worked in undergraduate research under Professor Jeffrey Rhoads and will be transitioning to research on 3D printing under Professor Song Zhang. In ASME, I have been able to be a part of multiple design teams and last semester was able to create our new website. I am excited to continue to work with ASME in the upcoming year!

Learn More About Our Executive Team Positions




Chief Engineer

CAD Training Leads

FEA Training Leads


Alumni Relations Lead

University Relations Lead

Industrial Relations Team Member


Event Coordinator

Social Media Lead


Marketing Associate

Podcast Host


Graphic Designer

Merchandise Coordinator

DEI Board

Board Chair

Board Member


Executive Assistants 

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Internal Team

The internal team leads the design teams, CAD training, FE exam prep, and so much more.

Director of Operations: Julia Long

Colin Newton, Secretary

Siddharth Gaur, Robbie Stewart, Chief Engineer

Mason Fellwock, Treasurer

Prosthetics Design Team Leads:

Ronith Dasari, Project Director

Owen Campbell
Tanner Sutton

Robbie Stewart

Nadia Wheeler

Chain React Design Team Leads:

Henry Hellmann, Project Director

Jon Givre

Sustainability Design Team Leads:

Shawn Lightner, Project Director
Liam Johnson
Han Luu

Franco Harding

Grand Prix Team Leads:

Jack Foster, Project Director
Joey Bellofatto

Tan Ledalla

Taylor Vicente

Brian Cooper

Yuvi Dahiya

Hydroponics Design Team Leads:

Andre Hazbun, Project Director

Marcus Good
Cael Fitch

Small Projects Design Team Leads:

Mikey McDunn, Project Director

Austin Lee

Joe Seitzer

CAD Training Lead:

Andrew Pham

FEA Training Team Lead: 

Nicolas Leon Vargas  (instructor)

Lexing Xu (TA)

External Team

The external team leads professional development events, keeps in touch with alumni, and connects with corporate sponsors.

Director of Industrial Relations:

Emily Phan

Owen Campbell, Alumni Relations Lead

Kevin Rohy, University Relations Lead

Emily Phan, Executive Assistant

Industrial Relations Associates:

Landrey Sipes

Bryce Tucker

Darren Hwang

Marketing Team

The marketing team leads the podcast and events as well as supports the club through the website and club pictures.

Director of Marketing: Thomas Tilford

Mary Maffei, Marketing Associate

Aasha Johri, Social Media Lead

Greta Schantz, Conrad Stabile, Owen Campbell, Podcast Host

Thomas Driscoll, Webmaster

John Carter, Videographer

Arushi Bharadwaj, Event Coordinator

Julia Fernandes, Merchandise Coordinator

Kelsie Ganther, Graphic Designer

Greta Schantz, Podcast Host

Conrad Stabile, Podcast Host

Owen Campbell, Podcast Host

Board of Directors

The board of directors are former executive team members who advise and support the current ASME leadership team

Chairman of the Board: Pranav Madhavan

Board Members:

Aditiya Pimplikar, Jack Walsh, Jordan Dobstaff

DEI Chair: Jenna John

DEI Board: Army Bigler, Joey Bellofatto, Nadia Wheeler, Sophia Moon, Alex Thews, Milkissa Eba

Executive Assistants: Alvan Ramee, Aarohi Pendse, Yash Saxena, Maahir Pasricha, Ethan Foster

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