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Meet the Executive Board

Purdue ASME has over 70 executive members and consists of the internal, external, marketing, and DEI board.

Interested in joining our team? Apply today to be an elected official or have an appointed position!

Internal Team

The internal team leads the design teams, CAD training, FE exam prep, and so much more.

Director of Operations: Julia Long

Nadia Wheeler, Secretary

Vishwesh Krishnamurthy, Chief Engineer

Tejas Sechdeva, Treasurer

Prosthetics Design Team Leads:

Amy Bigler, Project Director

Emily Lothamer

Lamya Bhat

Alyssa Richards

Chain React Design Team Leads:

Henry Hellmann, Project Director

Jon Givre

Sustainability Design Team Leads:

Shawn Lightner, Project Director

Aymeric Verdier

Grand Prix Team Leads:

Jack Foster, Project Director

Hydroponics Design Team Leads:

Andre Hazbun, Project Director

Marcus Good

Small Projects Design Team Leads:

Julia Long, Project Director

Vishwesh Krishnamurthy

Craig Qi

Ilene Trach

Varun Rajesh

Abby Farrell

CAD Training Team Leads:

Oscar Morales, Project Director 

Andrew Pham

George Lukman

Bernardo de Barros Barreto Costa Machado

External Team

The external team leads professional development events, keeps in touch with alumni, and connects with corporate sponsors.

Director of Industrial Relations:

Lexi Wall

Braden Stock, Alumni Relations Lead

Kevin Rohy, University Relations Lead

Industrial Relations Associates:

Luke Ford

Rajveer Dheer

Zoha Peterson

Jack Foster

Liam Kaufmann

Ryan Shepard

Marketing Team

The marketing team leads the podcast and events as well as supports the club through the website and club pictures.

Director of Marketing: Aditya Pimplikar

Julia Long, Event Coordinator

Thomas Tilford, Marketing Associate

John Lucas, Merchandise Coordinator

Charlotte Moss, Webmaster

Robbie Stewart, Videographer

Sera Han, Graphic Designer

Agathiya Tharun, Podcast Host

Liam Kaufmann, Podcast Host

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