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The Purdue University Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) strives for excellence in all facets of the School of Mechanical Engineering for all of its constituents, mainly the student body. Being the only professional mechanical engineering society on campus, we are committed to helping our 200+ members and mechanical engineering students realize their potential and prepare them to be successful in a professional environment. Our chapter has created committees designed to attract and develop a diverse range of skill sets.

Executive Team

Spring 2022


Sajon Seaberg



I am a sophomore from Kansas City, Kansas. I’m majoring in Mechanical engineering and minoring in mathematics and management. I have held 4 previous internship experiences, with my most recent as a mechanical engineering intern for Kiewit. In ASME, I started my journey as an Executive Assistant and worked my way up through various positions. As President I provide the organization with a unifying vision that we strive to work towards. I’m super excited to meet and interact with so many new people within and outside of ASME!

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Jack Walsh

Internal Vice President



I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa and currently a Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I have a lot of technical experience in robotics and CAD that I bring to the internal team as VP, facilitating the expansion and development of our design teams. I'm really excited to work with our new teams so they can hit the ground running next semester and deliver a great experience for our members.

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Zachary Georgevich

External Vice President


I am a Junior in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Business Management and Organizational Leadership, originally from Cleveland, OH. I first joined ASME's Prosthetics team in the 2021 spring semester, and now I am leading the External Relations Team and spearheading the Professional Development Series. My favorite thing about ASME is the ability to meet so many cool new people!

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Olivia Humlen

Vice President of Marketing


I'm a sophomore from Bridgewater, New Jersey currently studying Biomedical Engineering. I joined ASME in the Spring of 2021 as a prosthetics design team member. Since then, I've helped with many of the marketing projects including the logo and many fliers all while creating a brand for our club! I'm very excited to continue the exponential growth of ASME while providing students with engineering experience, tools for success, and many means of support from amazing people.

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Saketh Ayyalasomayajula

Director of Marketing


Hi, my name is Saketh Ayyalasomayajula and I am currently a junior in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Computer Science. Little about me, I am from Cupertino, California and I love to run, dance, spend time outdoors, and just chill with friends in my free time! As Director of Marketing, I hope to expand our ASME brand to all engineering branches and increase membership and interest in our two latest teams, Rude Goldberg and Sustainability next semester!
One thing I am excited for this year is the socials and fun events planned for next semester! Can't wait till ASME retreat!


Alexandria Wall

Director of Industrial Relations


My name is Lexi Wall and I am the Director of Industry Relations for the External team. I am a sophomore from Mahwah, NJ studying Mechanical Engineering, with minors in economics and manufacturing. I joined ASME my sophomore year as a member of the Industrial Relations team along with being a member of the passive prosthetic team. This upcoming year, I am super excited to be able to network and connect with companies and representatives to bring new opportunities to all of our members.

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Pranav Madhavan

Director Of Operations


My name is Pranav Madhavan and I'm Director of Operations and Small Projects Design Lead this year for ASME. I'm a sophomore in ME and have been in ASME for one semester so far. I'm passionate about things like automated technologies and sustainable energy. In my free time I love playing pool, ping pong, and reading!


Internal Team

Spring 2022

Sports Equipment Design Leads


John Clark

Michael McDunn

Oscar Morales

Spencer Burkhalter

Derek Lewandowski

CAD Training Leads


Ari Atlas

Jason Baylor

Aditya Saxena

Oscar Morales

Sustainability Leads


Marcus Good - Hydroponics

Andre Hazbun - Hydroponics

Akash Darbha - Water Transportation

Internal Board

Jordan Dobstaff - Chief Engineer

Samuel Burow-Flak - Secretary

Peter Hays - Academic Outreach/

Professional Development

Matthew Kuechler - Treasurer

Small Projects Leads


Shayak Chatterjee

Sneha Choradia

Agathiya Tharun

Samuel Burow-Flak

Passive Prosthetics  Leads


Darshak Gadagkar

Mae Kinst

Armond Bigler

Braden Stock

Active Prosthetics Leads


Nico Stella

Sam Zhang

Chain React

Hannyi Lee


External Team

Spring 2022

Braden Stock -Alumni Relations Lead

Luke Ford - University Relations Lead


Kevin Rohy- Assistant University Relations Lead

Deacon Shininger- External Advisor

Ayush Viswanathan - Professional Development Coordinator

Rajveer Dheer- External Relations Coordinator


Armond Bigler - Industrial Relations Associate

Michael Setiawan - Industrial Relations Associate

Liam Kauffman- Industrial Relations Associate

Darshak Gadagkar - Industrial Relations Associate

Marketing Team

Spring 2022

Sneha Choradia - ME Lead

Stone Campbell - Non- ME Lead

Audrey DeKoninck - Social Media

Luke Mennecke - Webmaster

Colin Book - Freshman Chair

Sarah Staller - Event Coordinator

Robbie Stewart - Videographer

Liam Kauffman - Podcast Host

Agathiya Tharun - Podcast Host

Aditya Pimplikar - Marketing Assistant


Board Of directors

Spring 2022

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Marcus Lannie

Chairman Of The Board


Marcus is a Senior from Arlington Heights, IL. He joined ASME his freshman year and was previously the President, Vice President, Program Manager, and Marketing Manager. Through his involvement with ASME and growing the club from 10 to 300+ members, Marcus has been named a Purdue Engineering Fellow (the college's highest award) and the Outstanding Junior in ME. Currently, Marcus works as a Sales Engineer II with A-Laser, a precision laser cutting company, and he is also pursuing his MSME with a concentration in management and design at Purdue.

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Board Of Directors Members

Deacon Shininger

Jakob Harbers

Faculty Advisors

Prof. Jitesh Panchal


Dr. Jitesh H. Panchal is an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. He received his BTech (2000) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, and MS (2003) and PhD (2005) in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Panchal's research interests are in the science of systems engineering and design, with focus on decision making in decentralized socio-technical systems, secure design and manufacturing, and integrated products and materials design. He is a co-author of two books, and has co-edited one book. He is currently an Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD), and has served in the past as an Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering (JCISE). Dr. Panchal is currently the chair of ASME’s Computers and Information in Engineering (CIE) division. He is a recipient of CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Young Engineer Award, and three best paper awards from ASME, and a university silver medal from IIT Guwahati. 


Prof. Amy Marconnet


Amy Marconnet is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. Prof. Marconnet first became involved in ASME as a student member in 2003 while working towards a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2007. She was active as an officer in the ASME student organization and participated in the design competition team. She then went on to graduate school at Stanford University, receiving an M.S. and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and 2012. She worked briefly as a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining the faculty at Purdue University in August 2013. At Purdue, Dr. Marconnet has made significant contributions to the field of heat transfer developing an interdisciplinary research program to evaluate, understand, and control the physical mechanisms governing the thermal transport properties of materials, machines, and systems. Her research group has made significant advances to the development of novel metrology tools for characterizing transport properties, enhanced understanding of fundamental transport and energy conversion mechanisms, and strategic, physics-based design and development of materials with multi-functional capabilities. She participates in the ASME K-16 Committee on  Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment through the organization of conference sessions, panels for graduate students, and student design challenges. In 2017, she won the Woman Engineer of the Year Award from the ASME Electronics & Photonics Packaging Division and, in 2020, she was recognized as the Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor for Mechanical Engineering by the College of Engineering at Purdue and the ASME Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator Award in Heat Transfer. In 2020, she became one of the mentors for Purdue's ASME Student Organization.