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ASME President Marcus Lannie Wins Outstanding Junior Award

On April 23rd, our ASME president, Marcus Lannie, was announced winner of the Frederick Morse Outstanding Junior Award by Purdue University’s School of Mechanical Engineering. He was elected president for the Spring 2021-Fall 2021 semesters, and he has already made major changes to Purdue’s ASME Chapter.

Igniting Change

In the semester before Marcus began serving as president, there were only 10 active members, only 1 of which was female. Now, there are 65 active members, and 30% are female, which is an impressive statistic compared to a stark 18% in the school of mechanical engineering.

He spearheaded the founding of new teams designing prosthetics and drones, secured a sponsorship with Autodesk for a competition to create a 2-in-1 skateboard-scooter that will be used in Purdue’s Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum and has continued to drive the sports equipment team to success in creating a lacrosse stick for local youth organizations.

Professional Success

Outside of ASME, Marcus is just as, if not even more, accomplished. Marcus will be graduating with his BSME in 3 years and staying an extra year to receive his MSME. While only in his second year but enrolled as a full-time Junior, he works as a Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, and Business Strategy Intern for A-Laser, a Silicon-Valley based company specializing in custom laser-cut parts.

The foundation of his professional success began with an Engineering and Marketing Internship with Rogo Ag, as well as a Business Strategy Consulting Internship with Rolls-Royce. In addition, he was the Project Manager of five EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) projects for the Wabash Center team and is also a Technical Consultant for Purdue Solutions.

Future Plans

This summer, he will be interning with G&W Electric in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Marcus’ role as Program Manager was created specifically for him as the company was impressed by his leadership, optimism, and enthusiasm--evident through his daily “Marcus’ Morning Minute” videos on LinkedIn, which he has been creating for over a year.

Marcus alongside one of last semester's design teams

“What’s so exciting about receiving the ME Student Award is the impact it has on ASME. We’ve already had companies who saw these results ask to sponsor ASME, and we’ve had current and future Boilermakers reach out asking how they can get involved. ASME has grown like wildfire this semester while continuing to provide opportunities for students (not just MEs!) to excel academically, personally, and professionally. An ASME member winning the award is a testament to our club’s ability to prepare engineers to lead successful careers and lives. The ball is only starting to roll…just wait to see how many ASME members are up for the award next year!”
Marcus Lannie

Thank you, Marcus!

We are so grateful for the energy and change that he has brought to this organization, and are excited to watch him excel even more. The sky's the limit with him and with ASME, and we would like to say: congratulations once again, Marcus!

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