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EPICS Hydroponics Team

This team is developing an automated, low-cost, and high-yield hydroponic system to be implemented in community centers in Indiana through our partners at the Marion County Farm Bureau (MCFB) and the Felege Hiywot Center (FHC). Our project aims to address and help address the issues of food-insecurity and food-deserts that exist in these communities by growing fresh produce that may not be available in those areas as well as provide hands-on engineering education to students in those urban areas.

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Electronics Team

  • Software and hardware

  • Sensors and Arduino

  • Hydraulics automation

  • Integrating sensors to monitor water parameters such as pH, temperature, oxygen levels, humidity, nutrient levels, and overall purity

Structures Team

  • Mechanical

  • Material selection

  • Fusion 360

  • Grow beds design

  • Digital system modeling in Fusion 360

  • Modularity features design

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Get in Touch

Project Director

Andre Hazbun

Meeting Times

Weekly on Tuesday

3:30pm - 5:20pm

Must be registered with Purdue EPICS to attend

Keep In Touch

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  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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