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Chain React

Purdue ASME Rube Goldberg Team

The Rube Goldberg team builds and assembles complex chain reaction machines to accomplish simple tasks. The entire process emphasizes the creativity within design and how to best use materials and design reliable machines; integrating CAD, 3D printing, and common objects.

The Timeline

Fall Semester:

CAD Design

The first step in creating a successful Rube Goldberg machine is to plan. Our team takes the first semester of the year to CAD each component of the machine to prepare for the manufacturing and assembly.

Spring Semester:


Starting at the beginning of the spring semester, our team is in the ME Machine Shop manufacturing the parts for the Rube Goldberg Machine. 

Get in Touch

Project Director

Henry Helman

Meeting Times

Weekly on Tuesday

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Keep In Touch

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