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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in ASME

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Our Goals

ASME strives to create a space for all of our members to be included and valued. Our team focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)in ASME have three goals:

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Awareness and Relevancy

One of our focused efforts is to make DEI relevant to engineering and make people aware of this important initiative on campus. This past semester, our team hosted a cultural food night that embracing our organizations' diversity and celebrating each other's cultures and favorite foods.

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From modeling DEI on campus to bringing it to the workplace, our team strives to show the applications of DEI and its benefits to our members and beyond. In ASME's DEI Podcast episode, we discuss other initiatives on campus, how DEI is important to the workplace, and how to make a difference

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As a growing organization on campus, ASME strives to gain connections with a variety of other clubs as well as cultural centers. Our event collaborations with other groups such as SWE allow our members to interact and learn about DEI initiatives.

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DEI Scholarship

ASME is excited to announce the opportunity to apply to our DEI scholarship, focusing on starting conversations about DEI and its relevancy to our organization. 

The application for Spring 2023 has closed, please check back next semester to apply!

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