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Professional Opportunities

Purdue ASME hosts many different professional development events and opportunities to get involved in. 

For events such as career fair prep sessions, resume help, interview prep, and many more, stay tuned in the slack!

CAD Training x Milestones

Proficiency in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) creates a strong foundation for many engineering disciplines. Whether you've never used CAD before or you've only played around with it, come learn Fusion 360 from our in-club experts.

Lessons include sketching, extruding, filleting, constraining, modifying, assemblies, and misc. skills. 

FE Exam Prep

Purdue ASME wants to help you pass the FE exam and work towards becoming a Professional Engineer!

This semester, ASME is providing weekly practice problems through the FE Exam channel in the slack. Join today!

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Purdue ASME has scholarship opportunities! Learn more about our DEI scholarship in our slack and check out scholarship opportunities provided by the national ASME organization.

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