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Our Design Teams

Design Teams

Looking to make an impact while working on real-life engineering projects? Our design teams are for you!

Sports Equipment


We design, build, and distribute various sports equipment to children in the local community. Our current focus is designing a 3D printed lacrosse stick for youth.



Tired of doing tasks the efficient and effective way?! Let's design some Rube Goldberg machines to do our simple tasks in the most complicated way imaginable!


Got any Ideas?

Interested in robotics? Mechatronics? Engineering Leadership? Reviving an old design team?


Small Projects

We give members an opportunity to take part in the engineering process from start to finish and bring their own ideas to life with the help of a team



Interested in learning about how we can better our engineering skills as well as our planet? Come check out the sustainability team!

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Prosthetics Design

We are designing prosthetic fingers for our friend and chef Domenico who lost his fingers in a meat grinder accident


Autodesk Design Competition

This specified team gives you and a group of others the freedom to truly "make anything"

Express your creativity and 3D modeling skills in this Autodesk sponsored competition to make absolutely anything!


Legacy Design Teams

The legacy teams are not currently running . Come check them out next semester!


Grand Prix

This team is the pinnacle of ASME. Join us and make us faster than ever!

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Female Design

We bring female members of ASME together to improve design and machining   skills while giving members valuable engineering experience



People navigated railways with handcars, so why can't we navigate Purdue with one? 🚂